Savings Calculator

Find out how much your customers could be saving with SalesTrip, a travel and expenses management system on Salesforce.

How much could your customers be saving?

Having separate systems for travel booking, ticketing and expense management can be a costly business as well as an unproductive and frustrating experience for your customers.

To help you both understand the commercial value of adopting a travel and expenses management system on the Salesforce platform, this calculator will help you demonstrate how much your customers could be saving.

Savings Calculator

To calculate your saving, please answer the following questions by adjusting the sliders. It will take you about three minutes.



Do you use a Travel Management Company or a Business Travel Agency?


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Do you have an expense management system?

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Do you pay reimbursement processing fees?


Do you pay any overage fees?


Do you pay for custom reporting?

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What % of your employees travel regularly?


On average, how many expense reports do your regular travellers submit?



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Each year you could save up to

It seems you're currently not using any digital tools to help manage your company's travel and expenses. You're not alone. Many SalesTrip customers come from using spreadsheets in fact. For more information please visit our demo page.

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*To understand how these results have been calculated, click here for the methodology.

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