Why people love SalesTrip for expense management

Catherine Nottage
Catherine Nottage

December 1 ∙ 2 minutes read

Video transcript

Here’s why people love SalesTrip for expense management.

“Our sales people love the easy and intuitive user experience and are excited by how easy it is to record expenses on the fly.”

“With the option to seamlessly integrate with FinancialForce you have all expenses related to your projects and it’s very easy to have them billed out to clients as well.”

“We were using spreadsheets to manage employee expenses which was frustrating and meant it was difficult to reconcile any of the spend. The whole thing was painful! SalesTrip offers us a way to capture and submit expenses directly against client accounts, event campaigns and more.”

“There is no need to sit down for hours at the end of a month, manually adding and uploading images.”

“SalesTrip requires virtually zero training given its intuitive nature and seamless integration into Salesforce. Even the set up is extremely fast; and the ease of use both on desktop and mobile is second to none.”

“For a services company it’s important to understand cost of sale in terms of people’s time and expense. SalesTrip has helped us understand the cost of sale to win a customer.”

And people love our travel management too.

“We run our business on Salesforce. SalesTrip allows us to track all business travel spend within the CRM meaning all spend associated to our client work can now be tracked in a single place.”

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Catherine Nottage

Catherine Nottage