A 3 minute overview of SalesTrip: travel and expenses on Salesforce

Manoj Ganapathy
Manoj Ganapathy

January 1 ∙ 2 minutes read

Video transcript

SalesTrip is a travel and expenses system on Salesforce. To book travel simply go to the opportunity, account or campaign, select trip search and put in your destination.

Enter this yourself or given you’re already working in Salesforce the system already knows where you need to be and when. SalesTrip then searches for  all relevant options to get you to your meeting on time. It delivers the results, you can check any details you need to, including fare conditions and then once happy you simply purchase ticket.

As your profile is also within Salesforce, payment method and passport information is already populated for ticketing purposes. There’s no need to go through a separate travel agency with SalesTrip. Your flight is reserved, with confirmation on-screen and via email.

By booking in SalesTrip an expense is then automatically created with  spend associated to the same opportunity record. When travelling on the road, SalesTrip is easily  accessed on mobile where you can also submit additional expenses. Simply take a photo of the  receipt, the system captures all relevant details and populates into a new expense record. You can double-check these details making any amends where necessary. Save the expense and it’s submitted for  approval immediately. There is no need to look
at the expense again or attach it to a monthly  report.

From a manager’s perspective SalesTrip instantly provides all the information needed to know where employees are traveling and what they’re spending on.

Real-time dashboards provide all travel and expense information at the click of a button from where employees are currently located to what airlines they’re booking the most with. To ensure employee safety  the dashboard allows you to locate travellers at any one time in the event of an incident. Access this instantly and check in with your employees.

These analytics also provide a complete picture on what the business is spending on travel and expenses. You can see here a high level of individual spending, but SalesTrip gives you the data to relate it to specific activity and business outcomes. You can see the revenue they’re generating in return for the travel.

Manoj Ganapathy

Manoj Ganapathy