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Catherine Nottage
Catherine Nottage

August 4 ∙ 3 minutes read

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To explore SalesTrip’s travel search and booking functionality you can start on the trips tab. Here you are presented with a list view of your current and upcoming trips. By providing this in a single place you can easily access the details for any upcoming travel.

Once in the trip itself you can look at flight reservation and hotel booking details. You can also see any expenses associated with this trip and any other spend incurred will be allocated against this booking record. This enables you and your managers to look at the total cost of trip where necessary.

This is achieved through SalesTrip’s AI capabilities which recognize the date of any expenses claimed and marries it against any trips you already have booked in the system. From this view you can also add any new expenses you may have incurred throughout the duration of the trip. You can also add any additional flights or hotel bookings that you may need.

Given that the original trip was booked under the business purpose of an account, any new bookings are automatically associated with the same purpose. The trip search then presents you with the parameters that you’d normally expect with any flight search engine. The system already knows your departure Airport so all you need to do is put in the destination and the dates on which you need to travel.

In this instance I need to fly to JFK Airport in New York and I want the search results to show me all of the available options. SalesTrip’s flight search engine takes over and then delivers the results in a single view. Here you can filter the results, for example fastest flight or with a particular airline. You can then expand the flight details on any of the results presented, for example cancellation options and refund or baggage fees.

Once you’re happy with your selection you can go ahead and book the flight. You can see here that your payment method and travel documentation such as passport has already been populated. All you need to do is add in any loyalty cards you may have, and your
card security code. Now we’re being warned that an approval is required for this flight so that fires off a request to the relevant manager.

You can also see that we’re in test mode and so although we’re going to go ahead and purchase the ticket the transaction will not occur. The manage trip button enables us to track progress of the request.

Catherine Nottage

Catherine Nottage