Multi-allocation expense management

Catherine Nottage
Catherine Nottage

March 24 ∙ 2 minutes read

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Not all expense claims particularly larger items of spend such as flights can be attributed to a single business activity so whether your business trip is to see one customer or three you can submit expenses to multiple activities in a single claim with SalesTrip.

Let’s take a look at how this works. In this scenario, Zoe has returned from a business trip to New York and needs to claim her expenses.

She met three different prospective clients so wants to split the travel costs across those three different opportunities.

Let’s add her flight expense as an example.

We’ll import the flight receipt and let SalesTrip scan the details and add to the expense.

Now we need to add all of the opportunities that will benefit from this trip. We’ll add them to the business purpose.

Now we check all the rest of the details and once happy we can submit on save and save the expense.

Our manager has approved the expense and we can see it’s here pending reimbursement.

If we go to the allocations tab, we can see that expense listed three times for the three different allocations. Three opportunities we attributed the cost to.

Let’s look at the Rose Associates opportunity.

Here we can see our spend against the expense budget then over here on the right hand side we can see expense allocations.

You can see some of the expenses that have been allocated to this op.

Let’s view all and see how our airline expense has been attributed.

Here’s the expense showing 33% of the expense spend has been attributed to this Rose Associates opportunity.

So as you’ve seen, the ability to attribute expenses to multiple reasons not only helps employees to easily manage their expenses but also allows them to better demonstrate the value of their travel to the business.

Catherine Nottage

Catherine Nottage