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Catherine Nottage
Catherine Nottage

February 1 ∙ 2 minutes read

Video transcript

Oh, hi again. Just bear with me while I confirm this meeting.

So, I’ll see you in your offices next Tuesday? Great. See you there.

Sorry about that, I was just confirming a meeting with my hottest prospect.

I think I’m one meeting away from closing this deal. I just need to update Salesforce to show the progress I’m making.

I live within Salesforce, it’s everything to me as a sales rep.

And now with SalesTrip, I find and book my travel from within Salesforce.

I used to have to key in details for my search, and work out for myself which flight  will get me to my meeting on time.

Talk about time consuming.

SalesTrip already knows what time I need to get there, and it knows my travel preferences.

And all with just a few clicks, so I have more time to do what I’m supposed to be doing. Closing business.

That flight wasn’t too bad! Now let’s get to that meeting.

This ride will give me some time to submit my expenses. Like this coffee I just grabbed. I just open up Salesforce, photograph my receipt,  and submit it.

SalesTrip already knows which trip to attach it to; and I just realised, I missed this receipt from my last trip.

Once I take a picture, SalesTrip will find which trip it relates to based on the date.

I don’t have to attach my receipts to a monthly report, provide business justification or revisit them ever again.

It’s so quick, I’ve even got time for some last-minute meeting prep.

That went well! Won the deal.

I’ve just marked it as closed in Salesforce.

That’s me hitting the target for the quarter!

SalesTrip has saved me so much time, time that I otherwise would’ve spent searching for travel, sifting through hundreds of results and filing expenses.

I used to block out two hours in my calendar every week, just to file my expenses. Thank goodness for SalesTrip.

I’m just reviewing my pipeline with my VP of  sales after yesterday’s meeting. I’m not worried about these conversations anymore. Because all my travel and expenses are booked within Salesforce I’m able to demonstrate how much I spent to win my deals, at the click of a button.

And for Finance, how profitable I am.

SalesTrip. Smarter Trip. Smarter Sales. Smarter Spend.

Catherine Nottage

Catherine Nottage