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Business travel management on Salesforce

“Will I make that meeting in time if I book that flight?” Getting a satisfactory answer to this kind of question wastes time and causes untold frustration for business travellers. Today, they have to trawl through 200 pages of results when only a handful are viable options, or book separate air, hotel and car travel. SalesTrip cuts all that out, pulling together a complete itinerary in seconds driven by data already sitting in Salesforce.

Broad travel inventory

Whether travelling by road or air, all employees want is choice. It shouldn’t take hours of research to find a travel combination and employees shouldn’t have to use external sites. SalesTrip’s AI-driven trip search presents only relevant yet extensive options across air, lodging, rail and car. There’s no need for employees to book outside the system.

Intelligent trip request

Take the guesswork out of travel expenses with trip pre-approvals administered through a single view. Employees research, submit and manage requests in the same place that managers review, approve or reject and monitor spend. Benefit from multi-layered approval workflows that assign approvers based on specific criteria such as region or budget owner.

24/7 travel support

Available by text, phone and email 24/7 365, our support service is powered by real people so you’re never alone on the road. We understand the unpredictable nature of travel and that flights get missed, hotels need changing and more. That’s why we’ve streamlined the whole travel journey all through a single app – so you can focus on work that makes an impact.

Duty of care

Put traveller safety first and take care of your people with instant access to employees’ current and future travel, intervening where necessary with high-risk destinations. Fulfil company duty of care obligations by drilling down on real-time traveller maps so that you can identify where your travellers are at any one point in time.

Dynamic travel policy

Manually applying and communicating policies takes time. Human error and misunderstanding undermine compliance. SalesTrip’s configurable policy engine is dynamically driven by operational data in Salesforce, not a static, read once and forgotten Word document. Business purpose drives the policy, resulting in better compliance and empowerment all round.

Instant travel insights

Accurate travel data is vital to an organisation’s success. Make the right business decisions when you need to – not days or weeks later. End-to-end visibility into your travel programme from a single source of truth helps you understand and act on your travel data. The centralised view of spend against revenue streams then lets you calculate true customer lifetime value.

Dedicated mobile app

Benefit from a truly mobile expense management and travel booking system that you can access anywhere, on any device. As you’re on the road visiting customers, partners and colleagues, avoid stressful travel situations by pulling up your trip itinerary and booking reference details via Salesforce’s dedicated mobile app. You live and breathe in your CRM – so why leave it?

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But that’s not all

                       SalesTrip travel management offers a wide range of features to make life easy for your people and your business alike.                                      Additional features include:

  • AI-powered travel search
  • Personal profile including payment preferences
  • Loyalty card recognition
  • Itinerary management and notifications
  • Automated expense management

A better experience for your people

We give your travellers everything they need in one place, from personalised trip search to loyalty recognition to automatic trip notifications. All underpinned by a superior booking experience with traveller safety at its core. Enable your people to get the most out of their travels, even when they all want something different.

  • Dynamic travel budgeting
  • Multi-level approvals
  • Supplier management
  • Travel invoices and e-receipts
  • PCI and GDPR compliant

With total control for your business

Turn travel from an unpredictable cost into a strategic enabler for growth. Not only do you get complete visibility of travel spend but you get insight into why people are spending – and crucially, what the business gets in return. This science behind spending enables better forecasting, budgeting and overall financial control.

The Great Travel Debate Report

We interviewed 500 senior finance leaders across the UK and US about how they perceive business travel and why it’s so challenging to manage at their organisation.

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Expense management

Whether you’re a traveller who incurs expenses frequently or sit in the finance team drowning in paperwork, automate the entire receipt and expense management process with SalesTrip.

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Built on Salesforce

Salesforce transformed the way companies do business with their enterprise cloud platform. That’s why we built SalesTrip on it. Always on, no upgrades, easy to use and highly secure.

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