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Expenses management on Salesforce

Submitting expenses is tedious but unavoidable. You rely on employees to keep a count of day-to-day receipts, while finance grimly tries to account for every pound and cent. SalesTrip captures and reports spending as it happens with meaningful reports that support business-level strategy, planning and tactics. You get accuracy, increased productivity and measurable cost savings.

End-to-end expense accounting

Whether submitting, claiming, reimbursing, reporting or interrogating, automate your entire expense management process. Save everybody from time-consuming, mundane tasks and benefit from increased productivity with reliable receipt management, bulk approvals, account system integration and instant analysis of spend no matter where you are in the calendar year.

Company and personal card import and reconciliation

Revisiting claims at the end of the month and reconciling corporate card transactions is painful when you’ve probably forgotten what the expense was even for. By seamlessly integrating company or personal credit card data with SalesTrip, expenses manage themselves with automatic creation and association to business purpose. Finance can track spend as it occurs, not once a month.

Instant ROI of spend

Track all expenses throughout the whole business process – such as a sales opportunity or client project – and gain total visibility of the return on spend. When expenses powerfully combine with your forecast and revenue data, you power teams to understand the impact on your company’s bottom line, empowering them to prioritise spend in the right areas.

Back-office integrations

Easily connect to powerful third-party applications, integrations and partners to further streamline your expense management operations. Send and receive data from accounting, finance and tax reclaim applications to automate reconciliation, speed up reimbursement and analyse the impact of spend in a single click. Watch video here.

Audit and compliance

Automatically detect expense duplication, policy non-compliance and invalid claims so that you’re auditing expenses before reimbursement. The risk of fraud when it comes to expense management is significant. Protect your company from the offset with robust policy controls and audit trails that also monitor compliance with company or financial regulations.

Dedicated mobile app

Benefit from a truly mobile expense management system that you can access anywhere, on any device. As spend is incurred on the road visiting customers, partners and colleagues, avoid employees stuffing their pockets full of receipts by making it easy for them to claim expenses on the go. Managers can approve quickly, and finance get visibility of spend as it occurs.

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But that’s not all

                         SalesTrip expense management offers a wide range of features to make life easy for your people and your business alike.                                  Additional features include:

  • Multi-currency, multi-language receipt scanning
  • GPS mileage tracking using Google maps
  • Non-employee expense management
  • Next-day expense reimbursement
  • Automatic association to trip data

A better experience for your people

Whether paying by cash, card or invoice, your people want to get receipts off their hands and reimbursed immediately. But when the tech they use doesn’t allow this, they feel like a credit line to the company and finance are blindsided with mammoth expense claims once a quarter. Automate your expense management with SalesTrip and we’ll do the work you hate.

  • Automatic tax reclaim and compliance
  • Bulk and multi-level approvals
  • Delegate access for colleagues
  • Dynamic policy engine
  • PCI and GDPR compliant

With total control for your business

You want your people to feel better supported to do their work but without compromising your company’s bottom line. With SalesTrip, you get unparalleled and fast control of employee expenses across your entire business. Stop missing out on reclaimable tax and losing money on erroneous expense claims – and in the meantime, justify how spend contributes to revenue once and for all.

Expenses management for a multi-generational workforce

With employees working well beyond 70 and school leavers entering the workforce, the challenges of managing a multi-generational workforce have been well documented. Here’s what each generation has come to expect from expenses management.

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Built on Salesforce

Salesforce transformed the way companies do business with their enterprise cloud platform. That’s why we built SalesTrip on it. Always on, no upgrades, easy to use and highly secure.

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Travel management

Book travel with confidence and focus on why you’re there, not getting there. You don’t even have to hire a separate Travel Management Company (TMC) if you don’t want to. SalesTrip is an authorised travel agent.

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