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Tap into the power of Salesforce

The smartest travel and expenses system, on the world’s smartest CRM. One platform, one truth so you get the full picture.

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Built natively on Salesforce

You’ve already invested in Salesforce, the most used, secure and scalable enterprise cloud platform. Get more value and extend its reach with SalesTrip, adding business critical travel and expense data to the #1 customer success platform.

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Security and trust

Salesforce is a world leader in enterprise cloud computing with trust at its core. The platform is protected by some of the most rigorous security and privacy standards – and SalesTrip follows industry-leading best practices to match. Profiles and permission sets are used to control user access so you can ensure your data is safe and secure.

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Up and running in minutes

There’s no need for lengthy installations with SalesTrip so that you can realise value from streamlined travel and expense management straight away. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, you also benefit from automatic updates so you’re on the latest version of the software. Deployment can happen in hours – we’ll be ready when you’re ready.

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Multi-level approval engine

A single, common approval engine that leverages your existing Salesforce workflows for clear auditability and compliance. If you need more, we provide pre-configured processes which have already been tested by our customers or our simple visual editor allows you to create anything from the simplest to most complex of approval rules.

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Powerful, holistic analytics

Powered by the Salesforce platform, our travel and expense analytics give you access to real-time, actionable insights to inform decision making on the go. One-click reports visualised in drag-and-drop charts and dashboards gives you an always-on, 360-degree view of where things stand. It’s your data and you need instant access – there’s no need for expensive third-party tools.

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Limitless scalability

The Salesforce platform has proven scalability so it’s flexible enough to meet your changing business needs. As processes and procedures evolve as you grow, you don’t want to get held back by systems that limit the number of users, the amount of transactions, and general data usage. Do what you need to do whether big or small – and with zero downtime.

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Familiar user experience

If you already use Salesforce in your business, SalesTrip is a win-win for your employees. A consumer user experience for a corporate setting, it’s as easy to use as LinkedIn and Facebook. Available anywhere, anytime and on any device, there’s no new app to learn or password to remember. Your most frequent spenders will never have to switch between systems.

Add more cookies to your jar

It’s more important than ever for companies to leverage investments in the technologies they use. For Salesforce users, managing expenses on the platform is the next logical step and helps employees to assess what business travel is essential to growth.

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How SalesTrip works on Salesforce

Want to understand more about the workings of SalesTrip on Salesforce? Then watch this short webinar explaining the SalesTrip technology and giving an overview of the setup and configuration capabilities. The webinar is presented by SalesTrip’s CTO – and Salesforce Certified Technical Architect – Wes Nolte.

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Expense management on Salesforce

Whether you’re a traveller who incurs expenses frequently or sit in the finance team drowning in paperwork, automate the entire receipt and expense management process with SalesTrip.

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Achieving successful end-to-end expense management often requires bringing together many best-in-class solutions. That’s why we have a thriving ecosystem of partners.

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