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Real-time travel and expense management for real-time businesses

Get the full picture of your travel and expenses by putting them alongside other business critical data on Salesforce and see whether business trips bring revenue growth.

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Why SalesTrip? A new enabler for growth.

Enable productive spending that fuels growth with travel and expenses on Salesforce. SalesTrip lets you predict business travel spend and resulting growth.

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Pain-free expense management

Whether you’re a traveller who incurs expenses frequently or sit in the finance team drowning in paperwork,
automate the entire receipt and expense management process with SalesTrip.

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OCR receipt scanning

Capture receipts and submit claims as you go – there’s no need to hoard expenses until the end of the month or waste time reconciling credit card imports.

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Corporate and personal card feeds

Integration with corporate cards and personal card feeds automatically create expense claims from chosen transactions - no manual intervention required.

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Fraud prevention

Automatically detect expense duplication, policy non-compliance and invalid claims so that you’re auditing expenses before reimbursement.

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Derive ROI from spend

Track all expenses throughout the whole business process - such as a sales opportunity or client project - for real-time ROI that helps maximise profitability.

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Fully configurable policy and approval rules

As travel and expense are powerfully combined in the same engine, use your existing Salesforce approval hierarchy and approve in bulk on the road or in the office.

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Non-employee expenses

Enable temporary workers and other non-employees to submit expenses with the same ease as employed users but without the financial commitment to your business.

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Business travel that books itself

Book travel with confidence and focus on why you’re there, not getting there. You don’t even have to hire a separate Travel Management Company (TMC) if you don’t want to. SalesTrip is an authorised travel agent.

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Flights, hotels, trains and car

Whether travelling by road or air, all employees want is choice. It shouldn’t take hours of research to find a travel combination - and it shouldn’t compromise your bottom line.

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AI-driven travel search and booking

Personalised search presents only relevant content to get you where you need to be. No sifting through hundreds of results. Trip approval and booking in minutes, not days.

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Duty of care

Put traveller safety first and take care of your people with instant access to employees’ current and future travel, intervening where necessary with high-risk destinations.

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Dynamic policy engine

Travel policy engine is dynamically driven by operational data in Salesforce. Business purpose drives the policy, resulting in better compliance and empowerment all round.

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Supplier management

Manage supplier rates and contract performance directly in the system with real-time usage analytics. You own the data - there’s no charge to buy back or analyse it.

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Unrivalled visibility of travel spend

Gain total control and visibility of the return on business travel, even when it’s booked outside the system – because travellers submit expenses within the same system.

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Award-winning cloud platform

Salesforce pioneered the way companies do business with their enterprise-class, cloud computing. That’s why SalesTrip is natively built on their platform. Always on, no upgrades, easy to use and highly secure.

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Powerful, holistic analytics

Get actionable insight into travel and expense spend without needing expensive third-party tools. One-click reports and dashboards give you what you need, when you need it.

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Inherent security

Salesforce is a world leader in enterprise cloud computing with trust at its core. Profiles and permission sets are used to control user access so you can ensure your data is safe and secure.

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Integrate with the tools you already use

Easily connect to powerful third-party financial applications for seamless reimbursement and overall spend management across your business operations.

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Rapid adoption

A consumer user experience for a corporate setting: SalesTrip is genuinely intuitive. The system is as easy to use as LinkedIn and Facebook meaning high engagement.

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Industry-accepted compliance

Salesforce is certified with some of the most rigorous security, privacy, and reliability standards so you can be sure that employees’ personal data isn’t used improperly.

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Transparent pricing

A single system means there’s no need for separate platforms, multiple contracts and different support arrangements. Predictable pricing with no hidden charges or penalties.

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