Better together

On their own, travel and expense systems can be useful enablers and compliance tools. But together, they have real commercial power.

SalesTrip Smart.
All-in-one travel and expenses system

All-in-one travel and expenses system

SalesTrip is a win-win-win for your team, your travellers and your business. It makes it easier for employees to plan itineraries efficiently and submit expenses fast and accurately.

Set and enforce travel policies effectively, so that they’re fit for business purpose. Then understand the ROI of travel and expenses in context of your business growth – with meaningful reports that support business-level strategy, planning and tactics.

Trips Trips

Door-to-door travel booking in one place

“Will I make that meeting in time if I book that flight?” Getting a satisfactory answer to this kind of question wastes and causes untold frustration for business travellers. Today, they have to trawl through 200 pages of results when only a handful are viable options, or book separate air, hotel and car travel.

SalesTrip can cut all that out, pulling together a complete itinerary in seconds driven by data already sitting in your CRM.

Intelligent search presents only relevant content to get you to your meeting on time.

Just three trip package options: cheapest, fastest and personalised.

Door-to-door trip search – no need for employees to book outside the system.

All travel costs are allocated to a valid business reason and tracked against quota, revenue and billing.

Expenses Expenses

Free up time, don't consume it

Submitting and tracking expenses is tedious but unavoidable. You rely on employees to keep a count of day-to-day receipts while finance grimly tries to account for every pound and cent.

SalesTrip captures and reports spending as it happens. You get accuracy, increased productivity and measurable cost savings.

Capture receipts as you go – no need to revisit claims at the end of the month or reconcile credit card imports.

Expense submission by line – no more expense reports.

Faster reimbursement for employees with only items needing approval routed accordingly.

Complete automation of time-consuming, mundane tasks for high-value employees.

Policy Policy

Dynamically driven

Manually applying and communicating policies takes time. Human error and misunderstanding undermine compliance.

The SalesTrip policy engine is dynamically driven by operational data in Salesforce, not a static, read once and forgotten Word document. Business purpose drives the policy, resulting in better compliance and empowerment all round.

Dynamic travel policies link spend to revenue for better employee empowerment and compliance.

Travel and expense are powerfully combined in the same engine. No conflicting policies, no booking out of policy and no non-compliant reimbursements slipping through the net.

Use the existing Salesforce approval system for travel and expenses.

No need for blanket travel bans that choke activity in the wrong places. Budget your travel spend according to value so you can better manage and forecast spend.

Analytics Analytics

Better together

Separate expenses and travel data mean you can’t measure the ROI of travel or apply policy in a granular way.

Enable productive spending that fuels growth with integrated travel and expense data. Accurate travel data is vital to an organisation’s success. Make the right business decisions when you need to – not days or weeks later. SalesTrip’s automated reports and customisable dashboards give you access to actionable, up to date travel and expense insight and data.

One-click travel reports visualised in charts and dashboards: see who’s travelling where and who’s spending what.

End-to-end visibility into your travel programme from a single source of truth helps you understand and act on your travel data.

A centralised view of travel and expense spend against revenue streams lets you calculate the true cost of acquiring a customer.

Salesforce Salesforce

One platform, one truth

At least two systems, manual spreadsheets, human intervention and time-consuming checking and adjustments: it’s hard to get a trusted view that’s credible at board level.

The smartest travel and expenses system, on the world’s smartest CRM. You’ve already invested in Salesforce, the most used, secure and scalable enterprise cloud platform. Get more value and extend its reach with SalesTrip, adding business critical travel and expense data to the #1 customer success platform.

Salesforce users get instant access: no separate application, no additional login.

A consumer user experience for a corporate setting: Salestrip is genuinely intuitive. The Lightning-built system is as easy to use as LinkedIn and Facebook.

GDPR and PCI compliant so you can be sure that employees’ personal data isn’t used improperly.

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