Speeding up the trip request process from days to minutes

Catherine Nottage
Catherine Nottage

January 27 ∙ 4 minutes read

Most people who have ever travelled for business will have experienced a pre-trip request process. Often a painful experience, it’s where employers require business travellers to justify and gain approval for travel before booking anything.

I’ve certainly experienced it. Researching flights and hotels, filling in a form with all the details, gathering data for why the trip is necessary, sending it off for approval, waiting days and sometimes weeks for a response whilst the request is sent up the chain of command, eventually receiving approval, only to discover the cost of travel has gone up and having to start the process all over again.

Transforming the trip request process

A more intelligent trip request process can eliminate the frustration and cost implications of delayed approvals and simplify the endless loop of traditional pre-trip approvals.

With SalesTrip, employees can research costs and request budget directly against a business purpose such as a sales opportunity or customer project. Approval is sent to the designated manager, including multi-level approval if necessary, who is then able to see the exact reason for the trip and the potential return to be made from it in just one view. There’s no need for the traveller to submit a lengthy reason for the trip as it’s automatically displayed via the request.

Once approved, employees can book and manage their travel, within the approved budget – and against the same business purpose.

To understand intelligent trip request in more detail, watch our short video.

Video transcript

SalesTrip’s intelligent trip request streamlines the pre-trip approval process taking the guesswork out of travel expenses whilst saving time.

Administered through a single trip management page employees can research, submit and book a trip directly in Salesforce.

Let’s look at how this works.

Let’s book a trip to visit a prospect to progress a deal.

We’ll name this trip – Rose Associates Deal Progression Meeting and put it against a business purpose – the Rose Associates opportunity.

We’re travelling to San Francisco so let’s put that in “Where to” and save.

Our Destination and Destination Country fields have automatically updated. You can add a start and end date for the trip but it’s not mandatory. It will pull from the flight details once booked.

Having already researched the cost of flights and accommodation in SalesTrip, we simply enter estimated amounts and submit them for approval.

We Save and then we’re ready to submit this trip request to our manager. We can add any additional commentary in the Comments box.

Next we switch to the approving manager’s view. They’re notified about the trip request and can review all critical information to assess whether the trip is necessary to close the deal.

In this case there’s just one approval required but there can be multi-level approvals if necessary.

Let’s go back to the requestor and see that the trip has been approved.

We can now see the flight and accommodation spend is approved and we can now book the travel against the sales opportunity but all the while with visibility of the approved budget.

Let’s now search for a flight against this trip. We can scroll down our choice of options and see any that are out of budget. These are unable to be booked. This ensures policy compliance.

Let’s book the first flight in the list.

Now if we return to view our trip we can see that the flight spend has been allocated. We can also see the trip dates have been updated to reflect the flight details.

Let’s switch to the expense view

Here we can see an expense was automatically created for that flight

So there you have it. A fast and efficient way to manage trip approvals for both employees and managers, saving time and improving cost control.

Catherine Nottage

Catherine Nottage