SalesTrip Product Showcase – Autumn 2020

Eoin Landers
Eoin Landers

October 22 ∙ 4 minutes read

As many of us know, managing employee wellbeing and supporting individual preferences is a key theme for organisations across the world in 2020. That’s why, during this unprecedented time, we’re continuing to find innovative ways to support our customers and their people in navigating the challenges of remote working that most of us are experiencing.

It’s no doubt that many are starting to suffer from home office fatigue and are either starting to think about or beginning to travel for business. So, in our latest product showcase, we’re excited to announce a number of enhancements that make domestic travel even easier than before.

Read on to explore the important changes we’ve made and why, including something new to the product showcase: our customers’ most loved feature. 

Broader hotel choice

Particularly at a time when safety is of paramount concern, all people want are options when it comes to staying away from home. And although we’ve had good hotel choices for a while now, we always strive for more. As a result, we now pull hotel options from multiple providers which benefits your travellers by offering more choice and saves your business money. The more options you have, the more competitive rates you’ll get.

Additional passenger mileage

Right now your people are likely to feel more comfortable travelling in their own cars as opposed to public transport. This may mean lift-sharing with a colleague. As a result, along with vehicle categories including engine and fuel type to determine the mileage expense rate, your employees are now able to indicate if they were carrying passengers on work journeys and can therefore claim additional expenses. It’s as quick and easy as selecting how many colleagues were at a client dinner with you.

Advanced spend intelligence

Although it’s normally your commercial teams incurring expenses, in fact they’re typically responsible for 80%, there’s still the need for other people around your organisation to make claims. This couldn’t be more true today, where companies have adjusted to remote working by supporting their employees to create optimal home workspaces, with allowances to purchase necessary equipment for example.

In this instance and many others, it’s key to provide the same seamless expense management process that the more frequent spenders benefit from. This is why we’ve introduced a default business purpose feature. A pre-configuration set against specific user profiles so that any expense claims or trip bookings automatically default to the same account record. So instead of searching for the same account to create the expense time after time, it’s always there. The benefit to you? Well, it’s another way to help your people save valuable time and reduce the number of errors finance ends up correcting, but it also enables even greater ROI analysis of your spend. 

SalesTrip’s most loved feature

Something new to the product showcase; our customers’ most loved feature. We’re sure you’d rather hear from other SalesTrip customers on what they love the most and why, so today we’re going to explore end-to-end expense accounting. 

End-to-end expense accounting: 

Let’s face it. Expense tracking is one of the least enjoyable aspects of being in finance or running a business. From ensuring your employees’ capture, code and aggregate expenses data in as timely and accurate manner as possible, to finance teams reconciling and reimbursing claims as part of everyday accounting practices, it’s a lengthy and complex process. 

One thing our new customers love when first getting to grips with SalesTrip is the automation of this whole process. 

Facilitated by seamless integration to accounting systems such as Quickbooks and FinancialForce, employees simply submit the expense and then we do the rest. As long as you’ve set the approval process and any policy rules, our automation takes over. Continuous synchronisation of data ensures you have immediate visibility of key financial data at any point. It saves your finance team time, reduces error, ensures compliance and makes everyone happy. 

end-to-end expense accounting

For existing customers, all of the above plus more is available now. Speak to your customer success manager for further details.

If you’re not yet using SalesTrip, request a live demo today to learn more about how our expense management and travel booking system is transforming how people work in and outside the office, so their organisations can thrive in return.

Eoin Landers

Eoin Landers