SalesTrip Product Showcase – Summer 2020

Eoin Landers
Eoin Landers

June 17 ∙ 4 minutes read

Here at SalesTrip, our mission is to transform how people work outside the office, so their organisations can thrive in return.  

To make that mission a reality, we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve our expense management and travel system, so employees feel better supported to do their work without compromising their company’s bottom line. 

Our latest release brings us closer to this goal. So what does this mean for businesses and their people? Read on to find out more.

Domestic travel covered

Whether you’re travelling on the road or in the air, all employees want are options. It shouldn’t take hours of research to find a travel combination that will get you to your meeting on time. With train travel available in SalesTrip, users can now easily book train tickets, reserve seats and download tickets instantly or arrange collection from the ticket kiosk. 

Powered by and available in the UK (soon expanding to Germany and other European countries), your travellers can now benefit from the leading provider of rail travel, without having to leave SalesTrip. What’s more, purchasing train travel through SalesTrip means that the expense record for the spend associated with that ticket is automatically created. No switching between systems or apps. 

Even faster expense management

If you issue corporate credit cards at your company, automatic feeds will place transactions into your expenses system, no problem. But what about the expenses employees frequently make on personal bank cards? Often acting as a credit line to the company, employees become frustrated with the slow speed of reimbursement

With capabilities that allow employees to import personal card transactions into SalesTrip in just a few clicks, expense submission and reimbursement doesn’t need to get held up anymore. Once imported, the system automatically creates an expense record for each transaction and associates to the relevant trip or business purpose. All users have to do is activate open banking and authenticate with their financial providers. Again, in just a few simple clicks. 

Contingent workforce ready

For organisations whose workforce comprises both permanent and temporary employees such as contractors and volunteers, streamlined expenses management is even more critical. Expenses will still need to be submitted even if people aren’t on the company’s payroll.

SalesTrip Communities enables temporary workers and other non-employees to submit expenses with the same ease as employed users but without the financial commitment. Community licences enable your company to create external profiles in order for workers to access expense logging functionality. Think of it as a centrally, company-branded portal with individual login access. Upload receipts, view the status of your claims and for admin teams, process these claims like you would for permanent employees. 

A better employee experience

As an employee on the run, there’s nothing worse than having to switch between apps – no doubt with different passwords, different interfaces and different security protocols. That’s why we built SalesTrip, to remove the daily frustrations of having to manage expenses and arrange business travel. All whilst providing immediate visibility to the business of what’s being spent, where and why – and crucially, the return it generates

Although our previous user interface was already simple and intuitive to use, we’ve made further enhancements to make it even easier for employees to use – whether on desktop or mobile. It’s as straightforward to search for and book travel as it is when you book travel for your holidays.  

All of the above plus more is available now. If you’re an existing customer, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Not yet using SalesTrip? Request a live demo today to learn more about how our expense management and travel booking system is transforming how people work outside the office, so their organisations can thrive in return.  

Eoin Landers

Eoin Landers