Concur and Salesforce alumni launch SalesTrip

Kate Fletcher

February 20 ∙ 3 minutes read

UK tech entrepreneurs make £2 million investment in first ever all-in-one travel booking, ticketing and expense platform on Salesforce

SalesTrip, the first natively built travel booking and expense system on Salesforce, that combines business travel, expense and operational data to demonstrate travel ROI, launches at the Business Travel Show today.

SalesTrip will change the way organisations manage, govern, and justify corporate travel and expenses by providing an all-in-one travel booking, ticketing and expense management system for customers using Salesforce. For the first time, SalesTrip will enable businesses to derive ROI from travel and expense costs and provide true budgeting visibility and cost justification which has not existed to date.

Manoj Ganapathy, Founder & CEO at SalesTrip, commented: “With the business travel market set to reach $1.7 trillion by 2023, we want company leaders to have greater visibility of their travel investment as well as measure its return. With travel and expense costs typically reaching 10% of all operational spend, companies should be managing them as a mechanism to drive business growth, not as an uncontrollable cost or hindrance to business activity.”

The company was founded by tech entrepreneur Richard Goodall, alongside Manoj Ganapathy, who will be the company’s CEO. Both have extensive backgrounds in building technology companies, having co-founded and sold InvoiceIT to Steelbrick who were subsequently acquired by Salesforce.

SalesTrip is also joined by travel industry visionary Eoin Landers, VP of Product, who previously led the expansion of SAP Concur Travel across Europe. Alongside Landers is Matt Bray, VP Sales & Partnerships, who developed Concur’s European operations before joining enterprise software company Xactly, and Wes Nolte, CTO, who was previously Co-founder and CTO of Tquila, the largest Salesforce consultancy in Europe that was acquired by Accenture.

SalesTrip customer CloudTeamCompany is one of the first companies to be benefiting from the platform and embracing the vision of integrated travel and expense visibility and ROI: “CloudTeamCompany is thrilled to have implemented SalesTrip which will give our sales team and consultants a smarter, more intelligent process for booking business trips without the hassle of a separate expense management and reimbursement system,” said Gert-Jan ter Weeme, Partner at CloudTeamCompany. “It will simplify, alleviate and connect corporate travel and expenses in the same way that Uber did for consumers and taxi usage.”

SalesTrip feeds travel and expense data directly into a single source of truth, unlocking an opportunity to understand the relationship between travel and other corporate functions, especially the cost of acquiring business. It is also dynamically driven by a company’s operational data typically held in its CRM and so records business travel against an activity’s value. For finance leaders, budgets can be adjusted in real-time to reflect sales forecasts and help convert revenue.

SalesTrip launches with a product team in Seattle and an engineering team at its HQ in London.


Kate Fletcher