Cloud Team Company selects SalesTrip to help track true cost of sale

Kate Fletcher

March 7 ∙ 4 minutes read

Cloud Team Company was born in the cloud. A specialist consulting firm with expertise in deploying Salesforce and FinancialForce, the company offers implementation, development and support services to customers across 14 different countries including technology stalwart, Philips, and 1000-strong FCR Media. It prides itself on seeking technology solutions for its clients that work like its consultants do, fast and efficiently.

Based in the Netherlands and in its fifth year, the company is experiencing growth through increasing demand for its services around digital transformation. Its focus on integrating business processes for operational gains made the leaders at Cloud Team Company recognise a need to improve their own operational efficiencies.

“We partner with established organisations all over Europe, leveraging the best SaaS technologies to solve their often complex business challenges,” comments Gert-Jan ter Weeme, Managing Partner at Cloud Team Company. “Our consultants are extremely skilled in optimising the use of a client’s current Salesforce environment but more so in advising how to use the wider ecosystem to bring multiple processes onto a single platform.”

Managing and justifying business travel and expense spend

With such a highly skilled team, ter Weeme realised a responsibility to adopt the same approach at Cloud Team Company, in particular around business travel and expenses.

He explains: “Working with global enterprises requires a huge investment in face time with our customers. Our consultants travel across multiple countries to deliver the desired outcomes, on time and to budget. But for the company, this made it hard to understand the true cost of customer sale.”

When working on customer projects, the company’s consultants are required to capture any expenses incurred, declaring whether they are billable or not. With pre-defined budgets to adhere to, tracking these costs against projects had become difficult and time-consuming; the company was still working on the excel spreadsheets created in their initial stages of growth. The employee experience surrounding travel and expenses had also become a concern given the time it took to book trips, submit expenses and reconcile against other operational spend.

As a result, the company sought a solution to help and found SalesTrip.

Tracking the true cost of customer acquisition to deliver ROI

By implementing SalesTrip’s all-in-one travel and expenses system on Salesforce, ter Weeme is now operating in a world where all business-critical data surrounding clients, projects, revenue and consultants’ travel costs are on a single platform: Salesforce.

“Our consultants will be able to book their business trips and submit expenses with ease – and directly against the client project they’re working on,” lauds ter Weeme. “This Uber-like experience of trip booking and expense submission will not only provide a more efficient way of managing business travel, it will also provide much needed insight into what costs we’re incurring, where, why and ultimately, the ROI we’re getting on them.”

Critically for the leaders at Cloud Team Company, they will be able to link their travel and expense spend to revenue and by leveraging Salesforce’s extensive reporting capabilities, make better business decisions based on actual, real-time data. In order to better manage operations and maintain profitability, it’s just as essential for the company to track, forecast and budget expenses as it is revenue. And because no travel agency is required to make bookings, there are no transaction fees, delivering even greater ROI.

For the company’s employees, they will be able to book trips and log expenses whilst on the go, knowing that any spend is automatically linked to their FinancialForce PSA and Finance Management project and resource budgets. This will not only the reduce the manual effort it takes to travel to client sites but will also provide greater visibility to management for duty of care. In terms of a greater employee experience, ter Weeme adds: “with SalesTrip we can run validation and approvals automatically and so reimbursement is done per day, avoiding a pile up of expenses in our employees’ personal accounts.”

“Our goals for 2019 were to achieve total control of spend, eliminate manual processes, drive efficiencies in our processes and create a consumer-like experience for employees to handle expense entry and trip booking with ease. We are confident in SalesTrip as the differentiator to help us achieve these goals,” concludes ter Weeme.


Kate Fletcher


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