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Kate Fletcher

January 22 ∙ 5 minutes read

Salesforce is the world’s leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform helping businesses to grow into more effective and efficient organisations. Since entering the market in the late 90s with its revolutionary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, the company has evolved into one of the most comprehensive and trusted platforms, capable of addressing all business needs from sales and marketing to finance and operations.

At the company’s heart is an unrelenting focus on customer success, largely driven by the speed at which they were acquiring customers but also churning them in their early days. They subsequently built out the largest customer success practice of any software company, calling it “Customers for Life”.

More than just expenses on Salesforce

Adopting this customer success mindset became commonplace in organisations across the world. Customer service functions shifted from being a reactive support function to proactively helping customers realise and maintain the value of their technology investment. And here at SalesTrip it’s no different.

Since inception, our dedicated team has endeavoured to make SalesTrip much more than a travel and expenses system for our customers. Our team is their team, and our mission is their success. We work with them to transform how their people work outside the office and home, so their organisations can thrive in return. And to make that mission a reality, we’re constantly collaborating with them on product development so they can focus on what matters: why employees are spending, not how.

The real inside story

We also encourage our customers to provide feedback directly or via the Salesforce AppExchange and review sites such as Capterra and G2. In fact, we’ve just been awarded the Winter 2020 badge on G2. There’s a lot to trawl through though, so we’ve compiled the top three reasons why our customers partner with us:

1. A superior user experience

With commercial teams already using Salesforce on a daily basis, having SalesTrip on the same platform means there’s no easier way for them to submit expenses.

Either using the Salesforce mobile app or the desktop version, expenses can be claimed as soon as they’re incurred with no need to create laborious, month-end reports. Factor in that teams are already familiar with the platform meaning there’s no new software to learn and no new password to remember.

A breath of fresh air”

“After having (begrudgingly) used Concur for a number of years I was delighted to discover this gem on the AppExchange. The setup was easy. The user interface is intuitive and fast.”

2. Single source of data

SalesTrip customers using Salesforce often use other applications that leverage the cloud platform such as FinancialForce for accounting, Kimble for Professional Services Automation and XCD for HR.

Having expense and travel data on the same platform as their revenue, project and resource data means they’re able to consolidate data sources to achieve instant visibility of what spend is occurring and why. For too long, expenses have just been seen as a necessary evil, with finance teams blindly waiting for expense claims at the end of each month. Now with data all in one place, our customers get the same actionable insight other functions across the business benefit from, transforming travel expense decisions from gut feel to data-driven.

“Provides complete transparency of spend”

“SalesTrip provides me complete visibility of my travel and expense spend across all facets of our business. It enables me to understand the true cost of sales and enables me to compare this spend across the sales team and across opportunities.”

3. The ‘holy grail’ of travel expenses: ROI

The best feedback we get from customers is how it allows them to track travel and expenses throughout the whole business process. Because SalesTrip works by assigning expenses to other objects in Salesforce, it enables companies to understand the return on investment of spend against a specific business purpose such as a sales opportunity, marketing campaign or customer project.

When expenses powerfully combine with other revenue information in this way, it’s possible to calculate the impact on your company’s bottom line, empowering teams to prioritise spend in the right areas.

“Understanding margins is everything”

“The Salesforce consulting environment has changed over the past 10 years, salaries are on the rise, whilst day rates are under pressure. It is more important than ever to understand the true cost of business, across both sales and delivery. SalesTrip has enabled us to better understand the true cost of sales and helped us to understand the true margin on each deal.”

It’s not just customers who see the value

We’ve also been fortunate to receive independent feedback from several industry experts. Most recently, TechRadar recently commented: “The really useful thing is that SalesTrip can be used to combine a raft of business tasks including expense tracking, and using the data from what’s in the system can also be used to accurately forecast company spend moving forwards.” Something that’s so critical for today’s cost-conscious businesses trying to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus. You can read the full review of SalesTrip here.

So there you have it, the top reasons businesses across the world are making the move to put expenses on Salesforce through SalesTrip. Check out the short video below for more customer reviews.


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