22 reasons to put your expense data on Salesforce

Manoj Ganapathy
Manoj Ganapathy

March 8 ∙ 5 minutes read

You’ve heard of Salesforce, right? You know what it does. It does things for sales teams, for customer service teams, for marketing teams – at companies of all sizes, all industries and at all stages of growth. And with over 5000 applications available through its AppExchange business marketplace, it’s no wonder it’s the most used cloud platform in the world. 

Salesforce pioneered the way companies do business with their enterprise-class, cloud computing. That’s why SalesTrip is also built on its platform. Since Salesforce development teams take care of platform innovation, we’re able to focus on and continuously explore opportunities to solve the expense management problems we hear about day in day out from our customers. 

So in honour of their 22nd birthday this week, and on which they celebrated the 9 millionth install of an AppExchange solution, here are 22 reasons you should consider putting your expense data on Salesforce’s award-winning platform too.

For your employees:

  1. Submit expense claims in seconds: Photograph a receipt and the rest is taken care of. It takes a couple of clicks to submit expenses and there’s no need to create monthly reports.
  1. No rejection frustration: with no need for expense reports, eliminate time-consuming rejections; when an entire report is rejected just because one item is wrong 🤬
  1. Minimise data entry: by putting your expenses on Salesforce, where all key account data resides, there’s no need to re-enter names, locations and lengthy descriptions of what the expense was for.
  1. It’s easy to use: end-user adoption is critical to any application, and Salesforce wins the ease-of-use category hands down. You can spend more time putting it to use and less time figuring it out. 
  1. In total control: through budgeting, know what’s available to spend in order to close a deal, retain a customer and more. 
  1. Track expenses through Slack: Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack offers new opportunities to improve communication workflows around expense management. Receive notifications once expenses have been approved and reimbursed.

For your managers:

  1. No more gut instinct: because expenses are submitted against a customer account, sales opportunity, project and more, approval of spend is informed by real-time data. No arguments 👊🏼
  1. Split spend across purposes: as employees are able to allocate expenses against multiple reasons, such as travel costs to visit not just one but three customers, costs are split accordingly and enable accurate calculation of the ROI behind spend. 
  1. Bulk-approvals: tired of having to open each individual claim just to review and then approve or reject? Process multiple claims in one go, in a single view.  
  1. Multi-layered approvals: use Salesforce’s robust workflow engine to direct expense approvals to the relevant manager or stakeholder. 
  1. Transparency for cultures that value it: expenses should be open for everyone to see. Encourage teams to spend sensibly by enabling others to see what is being spent, against what and how 🔍
  1. Empower budget owners: the approving manager shouldn’t necessarily be the employee’s line manager. Enable third party stakeholders to see and intervene on spend that comes out of their budget.  

For your finance team:

  1. Fully configurable policy rules: as revenue and spend data are powerfully combined in the same engine, use existing Salesforce approval hierarchies to process expenses in bulk on the road or in the office.
  1. Fraud prevention: automatically detect expense duplication, policy non-compliance and invalid claims so that expenses are audited before reimbursement 💰
  1. Non-employee expenses: not every worker is a permanent employee and has access to the same systems as everybody else. Enable temporary workers and other non-employees to submit expenses with the same ease but without the financial commitment of a full licence.
  1. Transparent pricing: a single system means there’s no need for separate platforms, multiple contracts and different support arrangements. Predictable pricing with no hidden charges or penalties 👀
  1. Industry-leading compliance: Salesforce is certified with some of the most rigorous security, privacy, and reliability standards meaning employees’ personal data isn’t used improperly.

For your business:

  1. Up and running at speed: when you sign on the dotted line, get the system up and running yesterday. Traditional expense management software can take months to deploy; compare that to hours and days with Salesforce.
  1. Derive ROI from spend: track all expenses throughout the whole business process – such as a sales opportunity or client project – for real-time ROI that helps maximise profitability and promotes business growth 📈
  1. Powerful, holistic analytics: actionable insights into spend without needing expensive third-party tools. One-click reports and dashboards give instant access to this information. 
  1. Inherent security: Salesforce is a world leader in enterprise cloud computing with trust at its core. Profiles and permission sets are used to control user access so that data is safe and secure 🔒
  1. Integrate with the tools you already use: easily connect to powerful third-party financial applications for seamless reimbursement and overall spend management across entire business operations.

So, expense data on Salesforce. Salesforce; a brand that redefined software. A force that has reigned supreme for the last two decades. When others have come and gone, it’s the one solution that stood the test of time. This is why almost the entire business community agrees in unison to the famous saying: 

If it’s not in Salesforce, then it doesn’t exist”.

Manoj Ganapathy

Manoj Ganapathy