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SalesTrip for Sales

You’re responsible for generating revenue by attracting and retaining one of your company’s biggest assets – its customers. It’s frustrating to be constrained by corporate travel policies governed by the spending limits rather than the value associated with the travel. SalesTrip was founded by frustrated sales leaders.

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Empower your sellers to be bestsellers

SalesTrip works like your team do: fast and on the run. Enable them to focus on making meetings matter and closing business rather than wasting time switching between your CRM, travel booking sites and the expenses system. It’s inefficient and frustrating. Your sales team needs automated expenses, efficient approvals and prompt reimbursement, all without leaving Salesforce.

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Minimum input, maximum output

Remove complicated, multi-step processes that make booking travel and claiming expenses time-consuming and difficult. Without the need for expense reports, eliminate rejection frustration – when an entire report is rejected just because one item is wrong. And end the conflict between sales and finance leaders, with a sales team that spends money as if it were their own.

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Close your most profitable deals

Start budgeting travel spend according to the forecast value of the activity or meeting. There’s no need for rigid travel and expense budgets that constrain a sales teams’ ability to engage with priority opportunities, potentially impacting business growth. Maximise your team’s ROI making sure they’re not just closing deals but closing deals that are profitable.

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Relevant data with no rekeying

High performing sales teams must make quick decisions and take part in meetings with a range of participants. By booking travel in Salesforce, where all key account data resides, there’s no need to re-enter names, locations and business justification. And with big out-of-pocket expenses, an integrated, mobile-enabled expense management process means they never need to leave Salesforce.

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Spend an inch to go the mile

As people start to travel for business again, employee spend will come under increased scrutiny and expenses will need to be better justified and aligned to business outcomes such as revenue or customer retention.

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See how SalesTrip works for sales

Make travel and expenses a true enabler for your sales team with SalesTrip. It works like your reps do, fast and on the run, allowing them to focus on making meetings matter and closing business rather than battling multiple systems.

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expense management

Expense management

Whether you’re a traveller who incurs expenses frequently or sit in the finance team drowning in paperwork, automate the entire receipt and expense management process with SalesTrip.

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Travel management

Book travel with confidence and focus on why you’re there, not getting there. You don’t even have to hire a separate Travel Management Company (TMC) if you don’t want to. SalesTrip is an authorised travel agent.

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Product Updates

Taking the guesswork out of travel expenses with trip request

Managing employee expenses is one of the biggest challenges for a business. It’s a significant cost after all with research revealing it as both the biggest variable cost to an organisation, as well as the most unpredictable. Although companies are currently benefiting from much lower levels of spend due to the enforced travel bans, with […]

December 10 ∙ 6 minutes read

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Why remote working means more business travel not less

In my last news roundup, the return of business travel seemed imminent, not least domestic travel. However, almost as soon as countries started reopening their borders, they were forced to close again due to a second wave of rising infections. The unpredictability of this global pandemic proof that we’ve got a long way to go, […]

November 24 ∙ 6 minutes read

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Why the future of business travel will be dictated by your CRM system

“Customer relationship management tools are conquering the corporate world, and the implications for managed travel are profound.” In his article “How CRM Is Transforming Corporate Travel Buyer/Supplier Relationships” towards the end of 2019, prolific industry figurehead Amon Cohen stated the above. And with total spend on CRM software growing 13.7% to $48.2 billion in 2018 […]

July 14 ∙ 4 minutes read

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