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What to include in your business travel checklist

Business travel can be taxing and for frequent travellers especially, it can be easy to forget a crucial detail or miss an important step in the booking or travel management process. Creating a business travel checklist can provide peace of mind and ensure that everything you need is at your fingertips.

Your business travel checklist should include details of your accommodation, booking confirmations including flight check-in information and times, the names and numbers of important contacts, hotel check-in and check-out times, ground transportation details, and critical budget information around spending limitations.

Travel checklist

Accommodation Details

This should include the name of your hotel, the address, a printout of this information and ideally directions from a key landmark like the airport.

Flight and Transportation Details

This should include your booking confirmation, flight date, time, number, seat information, luggage information, the method of ground transportation with instructions for finding it, and critical directions for the area.

Important Contacts

This should include the local emergency information if you’re travelling to a new region, an emergency office contact from your home office in the case of an event, and an emergency contact at the travel destination.

Budget Information

This should include critical information like your daily meal budget or per-diem and any other additional expenses that have been pre-approved for your quick review.

Key Documents

This should include all important travel documents like your ID or passport.

How can technology help you keep track of your travel checklist?

This data can be managed through a travel booking system with expense automation capabilities. Between the ability to book the ideal travel arrangements expeditiously and within the broader expense management system, the ease of accessing key travel details and efficient expense processes, the right expense management software can be the missing piece in creating a peaceful experience for business travellers worldwide.

Travel management automation software that can manage the booking and expense process in a fraction of the time, and reflect updates in real-time can go a long way in improving the entire process for travellers – by adding speed and efficiency to the booking and expense management process, and offering an accessible view of all of the key travel data. Travel automation software can also ensure that travellers are kept up-to-date about their next steps, and the mobile capabilities of the expense management process allows travellers to submit on a frequent, real-time basis, sparing them from hours of reconciliation every month.

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