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What is business travel management?

Business Travel Management relates to managing a company’s approach to its employees’ business travel along with the associated costs and duty of care responsibilities. Recent research suggests its a company’s biggest unpredictable cost having a direct impact on business growth. Business travel management is therefore of strategic importance to businesses looking to grow with enterprises often having teams dedicated to monitoring and enforcing business travel programmes. In small to medium size businesses, this job often falls to finance, HR and admin teams.

A business travel management programme should include:

  • the development and implementation of corporate travel program and policies
  • the monitoring of business travel and associated spend to ensure it contributes to growth as opposed to just being an uncontrollable cost
  • as part of this, negotiation and ongoing management of travel suppliers (airlines, hotels etc.) to ensure the best options and rates are available to employees
  • ensuring traveller safety and security through duty of care (DoC)
  • ensuring compliance to policy in terms of travel and expense claims, including real-time reporting that provides actionable insight for immediate intervention if necessary

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