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What are the needs of business travellers?

Given the amount of time that business travellers often spend on the road, to ensure their wellness and longevity it’s best to structure your business travel management program in a way that meets their needs. Broadly, the needs of business travellers are connectivity, privacy and space, convenience, efficiency, comfort, and reliability. Many travellers work while en-route and in other places beyond their office – they may work from the plane, the airport, their taxi or their hotel room and they need the proper resources in order to do so effectively.

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Unsurprisingly, business travellers need to stay connected. The Wi-Fi in airports can vary from safe and speedy to inconsistent and unsecured. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi on the plane may be costly and the Wi-Fi in the hotel even more so. Strong business travel management programs will ensure that the policy and budget has accounted for their need to be connected.

Comfort, Privacy & Space

It’s not acceptable or reasonable to ask travellers to stay in the cheapest and least comfortable accommodation in the interest of saving money. Even more so, it’s not acceptable to insist that they share rooms or stay in shared spaces for long periods. Business travellers need privacy, personal space and comfort to wind-down at the end of the their days in order to stay refreshed and on-the-ball.

Convenience, Efficiency & Reliability

While business travel management programs can’t guarantee that a flight will depart on time or that a layover won’t be missed, there are systems and tools that can be leveraged to ensure that travel information and key data are consolidated in a place in the case of an event – or otherwise available for quick reference.

How can you improve the business traveller’s experience?

One common complaint around business travel is the chaos that can happen as a result of missing critical details, experiencing last-minute booking changes, and the lengthy expense management process.

In that sense, an automation software that can minimise the friction and improve the ease in which business travellers handle their bookings, consolidate their data in an easily accessible place, and provide real-time updates around changes or delays can provide a great deal of relief for weary travellers.

Once travellers factor in the mobile application that allows them to document expenses as they occur – saving them hours of expense reporting after the trip – the right application can drastically improve the experience of global and domestic business travel – before the trip, during the trip and well after.

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