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What are the challenges of travelling for business?

Although many employees enjoy business travel – from both the standpoint of conducting face-to-face meetings with far-away clients and the ability to visit new places and work in different settings – after a while, travelling can become quite taxing on even the most enthused business travellers. The challenges of travelling vary by traveller and can also depend on frequency and duration of travel. What is mildly unpleasant to some who do it annually may be unbearable to others who travel weekly. Regardless of these dependencies, there are a number of challenges that travellers cite across the board.

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1. External booking processes are confusing

When travellers are bound to corporate policies, navigating between the policy, the booking and ticketing process, and eventually the expense management process can require a great deal of shifting and navigating back and forth to ensure alignment. Many travellers find this worrisome – the disjointed nature of each system can make it easy for mistakes to be made and increase the risk of manual error or oversight.

2. Stress from last-minute communication around flight delays and changes

This can throw off even the most seasoned travellers, as they find themselves racing through terminals to find their updated travel itinerary and details.

3. The post-travel expense management process is lengthy and time-consuming

Too often, employees find themselves collecting expenses and receipts and submitting them in bulk for approval – whether that’s once a month or once a quarter. This fatigue creates an opportunity for manual error, which will result in misreporting and reconciliation later on.

How can you improve business traveller experience?

Given that one of the most frequent business traveller complaints is confusion – specifically around booking, expenses, and critical travel details, a travel booking and management system with automation capabilities that can manage the booking and expense process in a fraction of the time, and reflect updates in real-time can go a long way in improving the process for travellers.

The right software can improve the booking and expense management process and make it quick and efficient – in addition to providing peace of mind through a consolidated, easily accessible view of all of the key travel data. Additionally, the on-the-go nature of the expense management process allows travellers to submit expenses on a regular, real-time basis, sparing them from hours of reconciliation every month.

Ultimately, once you factor in the ability to quickly book the most comfortable and ideal flights and accommodations, the opportunity to expedite checklist reviews and key travel data, and efficient expense processing without worrying that it’s out of policy or non-compliant, the right expense management software can be precisely what business travellers are missing to create a peaceful travel experience.

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