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How can I make my business travel better?

Even the most enthusiastic of business travellers can find themselves fatigued from the constant time on airplanes, new hotel rooms to get comfortable in and back and forth. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to optimise business travel so that it’s a smoother and more pleasant experience for travellers.

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Create a better travel experience

To start, you can make your business travel better by selecting the optimal travel paths and modes and prioritising wellness and safety throughout the travel experience. There are two key areas to focus on in order to do this effectively.

  • Flights: Taking a nonstop overnight flight, for example, will allow you to sleep more than a daytime trip with connections. You can be sure to hydrate on the plane and pack earplugs and sleep masks – for minimizing disruption in-flight and in your hotel.
  • Safety: Maintaining a process that keeps you connected to your employer, so that they know where you are in the world and remain able to respond quickly to any crisis. Ultimately, this will make you feel safer and more relaxed when you travel, as you’ll know that someone will be watching out for you.

Streamline the business travel booking process

Booking business travel through advanced travel booking software can simplify and streamline this process by optimising the travel choices you are shown based on historical data on your business travel, within the parameters of a corporate travel policy. This software can also maintain your key travel information and documents in one core place so you never struggle to find important information for your travels such as reservation information or the necessary paperwork, you know exactly where it is. It can also provide employers immediate access to their employee’s travel details in the event of an emergency.

Reduce business traveller confusion and frustration

Given that one of the common complaints about business travel is confusion around booking, expenses, and critical travel details, a travel booking and expenses management tool that can manage the booking and expense process in a fraction of the time, and reflect updates in real-time can go a long way in improving the process for travellers. It can expedite the booking and expense management process – in addition to providing peace of mind through a consolidated, easily accessible view of all of the key travel data. When there are changes or disruptions, travel automation software can ensure that travellers are kept up-to-date about their next steps. Lastly, the on-the-go nature of the expense management process allows them to submit on a frequent, real-time basis, sparing them from hours of reconciliation every month.

It may not seem intuitive but when you factor in the ability to quickly book the most comfortable and ideal flights and accommodations, the opportunity to expedite checklist reviews and key travel data, and efficient expense processing without worrying that your expenses are out of policy or non-compliant, the right expense management software can be precisely what business travellers are missing to create a peaceful travel experience.

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