What’s travel got to do with it? A preview to New York World Tour

Kate Fletcher

December 11 ∙ 3 minutes read

We’re still fresh from Dreamforce where amongst many highlights, the company was honoured with an award for innovation from Salesforce. But no sooner than we’ve recovered from an incredible week, we’re off again, this time to Salesforce’s World Tour in New York. With Parker Harris, Co-Founder and CTO of Salesforce, on the roster, we’re excited to hear how others have been trailblazing with Salesforce too. 

The team has already booked flights and accommodation through SalesTrip – although booking a trip to New York at Christmas that wasn’t for leisure took us a while to get our heads around. I recently read that as many as 20,000 pedestrians pass through Fifth Avenue every hour during the holiday season and in a first for 2019, authorities are closing the streets surrounding the Rockefeller Centre to cope with the amount of foot traffic.

Also in 2019, New York reclaimed its title as the world’s top financial centre. Although New York state takes up only 1% of the landmass of the US, it contributes 8% of the whole country’s GDP.

Both travel and finance is something firmly on our agenda so it’s great to be heading to New York, one of the world’s great tech innovation hubs and – given its status as the most powerful city in finance – home to many fintech companies from startup to enterprise. We’re looking forward to meeting some of these companies at the event. Especially as it turns out that business travel is actually one of a company’s greatest financial uncertainties according to research we recently conducted with senior finance leaders across the US and UK.

Why? Well it appears that spend associated with travel and expenses for work is the most unpredictable cost to a business and that companies don’t know what return they’re getting on this spend. In Marketing, we only invest in campaigns once we’ve assessed what return we’re likely to get. So why are people travelling without knowing what financial return they’ll get? If your travel doesn’t contribute to company revenues in one way or another, should people even be travelling at all?

Our research report considers this and more – delving deeper to find out whether there’s an appetite to transform business travel from an uncontrollable cost to a growth enabler. You’ll be able to sign up for a copy at the World Tour next week.

You can also catch us participating in the renowned AppExchange DemoJam. We were last invited to do this back in May where we came away as winners in London. You can read more about that here. So the pressure is on to retain our trophy! If you’re attending the World Tour, it’s actually a great way to see SalesTrip in action. We only have 3 minutes so be assured that we’ll cram in all the best features of our travel booking and expense management system.

We hope your travel to New York is stress-free next week. If you’ve spent hours or even days just searching and arranging your travel, there is a solution that can do it in minutes. You can find it in the Customer Success Expo! The holiday season is for giving after all.


Kate Fletcher