Going to Atlanta on business? Here’s five things you should know

Manoj Ganapathy
Manoj Ganapathy

August 21 ∙ 3 minutes read

I’ve never been to Atlanta before. Not for business, not for leisure. And so as we fast approach Salesforce’s Atlanta World Tour in a month on 18th September, I thought I should do some research into where I’m going.

We’ve discussed before how Salesforce rolls into twelve cities around the world every year, bringing with it a community of ‘Trailblazers’ ready to cram what seems like a week’s learning into one day. Atlanta will be no different and is the penultimate event before Salesforce’s flagship event, Dreamforce, in November.

Here at SalesTrip, I work with our customers around the world to transform business travel from an uncontrollable cost into a growth enabler. And travelling to industry events is just another example of that. Companies should be able to better forecast spend around such business activities and crucially, what return is being generated from that spend. We believe that meetings matter, and our mission is to make travelling to these meetings effortless.

So in arranging my own travel to Atlanta (the SalesTrip platform searched, found and booked my flights and hotels within minutes), here are the top five facts I found out about Atlanta as a business travel destination:

Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) is officially the world’s busiest airport

Think over 2,700 flights and a quarter of a million passengers, a day. Astonishing. It’s Delta airline’s major hub and is located within a two-hour flight of 80% of the US population.

It’s the 7th most visited city in the US for business travel

Atlanta has its fair share of business travellers and has been ranked the 7th most visited city for business. Unsurprising since it’s home to many of the Fortune 500. (It’s also the fifth capital of the state of Georgia in case you were wondering).

The state of Georgia has the 6th largest population of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies

Inc.’s annual guide to the 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. was recently published and Georgia is providing foundations for many of them. The usual suspects of California, New York City, Texas hold the top spots.   

The Georgia World Convention Centre (GWCC) is the 3rd largest exhibition centre in the US

Salesforce’s Atlanta World Tour is being held just 10 miles from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport at the GWCC, making it a great location for Trailblazers and business leaders alike to unite.

Atlanta has hosted the Superbowl three times

Not quite a business travel fact but the Georgia Dome, demolished and now the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, is located right next to the GWCC. In fact, it hosted Superbowl 53 earlier this year in February. The stadium cost an eye-watering $1.6 billion to build.

Hopefully this has shed a little light on one of the host cities of Salesforce’s World Tours. If you want to find out more about the event and what to expect, you should read Attending Salesforce World Tour? Here’s 4 tips from 4 Salesforce experts.

You can find SalesTrip in the Customer Success Expo and can register for the Atlanta World Tour here.

Manoj Ganapathy

Manoj Ganapathy