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Seven best practices for business travel

Before the pandemic no one really took a second thought about travelling for business or pleasure. But it’s highly likely that for cost, safety and climate reasons, companies will be making hard decisions about the travel that’s necessary to do business. Although many employees enjoy travelling, face-to-face meetings with clients or prospects, visiting new places […]

July 14 ∙ 5 minutes read


Company culture and its impact on expense management

Company culture is one of the most important factors for attracting and retaining talent. 46% of job seekers claim it’s very important when applying for a role and employees who don’t like their company’s culture are 24% more likely to quit.   A strong company culture directly impacts employee performance and wellbeing. In fact, as you’d expect, […]

June 28 ∙ 8 minutes read

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What a corporate travel management tool should do for you

A corporate travel management tool should enable a company to manage its employee business travel and associated costs. For post-pandemic business travel, a corporate travel management tool will need to do more than just allow employees to book travel. It’s highly likely that business trip requests will be assessed closely and fewer trips will be […]

June 15 ∙ 4 minutes read

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8 reasons why Salesforce is set up for finance, not just sales

Salesforce isn’t just for sales. As a CFO, initial involvement in the decision to use Salesforce in a business environment is likely to have been led by sales and marketing. But it can deliver so much more. The platform can be the foundation for company-wide digital transformation, which can only help your business make informed, […]

May 17 ∙ 9 minutes read


How to select the right expense management software for your business

The best way to track employee expenses is using automated expense management software. But choosing from the available options can be confusing. So what should you be looking for when it comes to expense management software, in order to choose well for your business? 1. Ensure it’s available anytime, anywhere, anyhow Today’s always-on world means […]

May 5 ∙ 5 minutes read


Using expense management to mitigate economic uncertainty

We all know it’s been an uncertain few years for almost everybody across the world, both politically and economically. In the UK, first there was the Brexit referendum, with subsequent years seeing Brexit deals being drawn up, rejected, and drawn up again. The withdrawal date shifted on a regular basis, finally happening in January 2020. […]

May 4 ∙ 6 minutes read

Person using calculator

Four things travel managers need at budget time

September is traditionally the beginning of RFP season for many travel managers putting together programs with negotiated rates. It’s the time of year where requests for proposals (RFP) are in abundance with negotiations often continuing well into the next year. For longer than many of us care to remember, it’s a tiresome process with many […]

April 22 ∙ 6 minutes read

Sunshine Act screenshot on laptop
Product Updates

How to manage Sunshine Act compliance

The Sunshine Act programme requires manufacturers of healthcare devices or medicines to track payments to physicians. Non-compliance with this legislation – known as the Sunshine Rule under the Bribery Act in the UK – can be expensive with financial penalties in the hundreds of thousands. But compliance is hard. Tracking payments, with the right data […]

April 15 ∙ 2 minutes read

Laptop screen with multi-allocation screenshot

How to achieve greater spend analysis with expense multi-allocation

We’ve talked before about business travel entering a new paradigm; one grounded by justifying the need to travel. And so once it’s safe to travel again, managers won’t have to focus so much on the cost of a journey but rather the value a given journey brings to the business. Scott Gillespie, travel industry veteran, […]

March 23 ∙ 2 minutes read