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The impact of COVID-19 on the future of travel: a news roundup

It was 11:59pm on 31st December 2019, New Year’s Eve, and we were just about to welcome in a new decade. Some were looking forward to continued health and happiness, others new starts and perhaps new careers. What we were blissfully unaware of was that a defining moment of the decade was around the corner […]

June 12 ∙ 6 minutes read

expenses management

5 ways to control your expenses as a growing SMB

A digital expense system isn’t often considered a top priority for growing businesses. But managing cost and prioritising investment for the best return is crucial for any growing business to scale. Establishing good processes and principles from the outset means you save bigger as your business grows. Cloud-based expense management systems give you the visibility […]

June 5 ∙ 4 minutes read

Spotify on a plane

Travel and the subscription economy: what we can learn from Spotify

Over the last few decades, industries everywhere have begun to adopt subscription business models. Spotify, the music streaming service, has taken the place of CDs and iPods, Netflix has replaced DVD collections with on-demand films and TV series, and companies like Gousto and Les Mills offer everything from dinner to gym classes either straight to […]

May 29 ∙ 4 minutes read


Salesforce and the importance of workplace community

Tomorrow would have been Salesforce’s annual London World Tour. One of the highlights of our year, we first launched SalesTrip to the Salesforce community last year, even going so far as to win the AppExchange’s renowned DemoJam. You can read more about that here.  Fast forward 12 months and the very venue we were expecting […]

May 20 ∙ 4 minutes read


Expenses management for Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z

With employees increasingly working well beyond 70 and school leavers entering the workforce, it’s been well documented that today’s workplaces are having to manage five different generations. Each with very different characteristics, motivations and demands, the need to adapt working processes, including expenses management, to multiple generations simultaneously shouldn’t be overlooked.  While there will never […]

May 12 ∙ 6 minutes read


6 large business expenses and the Salesforce apps to manage them

Especially in challenging markets, managing business expenses and costs effectively is key for businesses to survive, and then thrive. But taking a measured approach can be hard when you’re under pressure to reduce costs or when you’re battening down the hatches for a rough period ahead. Keeping a cool and analytical head is vital. And […]

May 7 ∙ 6 minutes read


5 expense management strategies for every CFO

CFOs are always looking for new ways to boost their company’s bottom line but the reality often means that there are a number of operating costs that will always eat into potential profit. Expense management is one of these. Essentially, most CFOs have a tough job on their hands managing their workforce’s expenses, something that […]

April 28 ∙ 6 minutes read


An open letter to our customers, partners and supporters

It’s been a few weeks since the global pandemic of COVID-19 has locked down a majority of the world’s population. As Founder and CEO of SalesTrip, I wish this communication to you was under better circumstances but it’s not. I’m typing this from London, where we’re all saddened by the rising infection and death rates. […]

April 3 ∙ 4 minutes read


Expenses management at Netflix, Google & Basecamp

And how SMBs can do the same Expense management is one of the biggest challenges for a business. It’s a significant cost after all with research revealing it as both the biggest variable cost to an organisation, as well as the most unpredictable. Yet in many companies, employees are still working with antiquated paper-based processes […]

March 27 ∙ 7 minutes read