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Why remote working means more business travel not less

In my last news roundup, the return of business travel seemed imminent, not least domestic travel. However, almost as soon as countries started reopening their borders, they were forced to close again due to a second wave of rising infections. The unpredictability of this global pandemic proof that we’ve got a long way to go, […]

November 24 ∙ 6 minutes read

expense management in a crisis

Five benefits of having a system for expense management during a crisis

2020 has completely changed our way of working. Unparalleled restrictions on travel, physical interactions, and changes in consumer behaviour due to the pandemic have forced companies to alter the way they operate in order to survive. Similarly, with a majority of employees now working remotely, companies have been forced to reimagine policies that previously would […]

November 6 ∙ 10 minutes read

Expense tracking

What CFOs think your expense tracking report says about you

In a move to empower individuals to make financial decisions to acquire new customers, business expenses, which have always been under company control, has slowly shifted towards employee control. Even in 2020 where businesses have found themselves scrambling to cut costs and reduce risk to preserve profitability, company leaders recognise the importance of high engagement […]

October 28 ∙ 9 minutes read

Product Updates

SalesTrip Product Showcase – Autumn 2020

As many of us know, managing employee wellbeing and supporting individual preferences is a key theme for organisations across the world in 2020. That’s why, during this unprecedented time, we’re continuing to find innovative ways to support our customers and their people in navigating the challenges of remote working that most of us are experiencing. […]

October 22 ∙ 4 minutes read


Shifting your business travel analysis from cost to value

We’re so used to hearing it now, but the Coronavirus pandemic has been catastrophic for the travel industry. There are daily stories on airlines seeking bailout deals, once popular routes being cancelled, rock bottom passenger confidence and more. And when you come to consider how much airlines rely on the expensive business travel tickets to […]

October 14 ∙ 8 minutes read


Working from home expenses: what you can and can’t claim

Your once spare room is now your office. Your commute is now the length of your hallway. You’re finally allowed to bring your dog to work.  Back in March and in a race to halt the spread of COVID-19, businesses all over the world shifted to working from home almost overnight. Something that was unthinkable […]

September 2 ∙ 6 minutes read

Productivity drain of expenses fatigue

The productivity drain of “expenses fatigue” – and how to eliminate it

Making expense claims and submitting expense reports are often seen as a massive drain on time, time that employees could otherwise be spending on productive and revenue-generating work. In particular, for billable employees – those people whose work can be charged back to a client – every hour spent organising expenses is wasted revenue for […]

July 30 ∙ 5 minutes read


The recovery of business travel: a news roundup

A couple of months ago, we discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the future of travel, providing a roundup of what industry specialists thought would happen next. It barely covered the debate about when flight schedules would resume as each country tried to deal with national lockdowns. Instead, predictions were about one trip meetings disappearing, […]

July 24 ∙ 4 minutes read


How to do a lot with a little

The SalesTrip engineering team has a reputation for execution. A very senior of the Salesforce AppExchange team told us, “You’ve done more in 1 year than most do in 6 [years]”. Likewise, we’ve had a senior member of one of the best known (and oldest) Salesforce ISV businesses express amazement that we’ve done so much with such […]

July 21 ∙ 4 minutes read