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Expenses that manage themselves, so you don’t have to

Focus on why you’re spending, not how, by putting your travel expenses on Salesforce.

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The only expense management and business travel solution on Salesforce

SalesTrip makes it easier for people to do business from places outside the home and office helping their organisations to grow in return. Employees manage expenses within Salesforce so that you know how spend contributes to growth.

Key benefits

  • Free up time, don't consume it
  • Confidence in spend data
  • Meaningful business insights
  • Travel that books itself
  • Maximise your investment in Salesforce
  • Editing an expense

    Automate mundane expense management processes and spend more time on work that requires talent – and contributes to company growth.

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  • Submitted receipt and receipt scan

    Photograph a receipt and we do the rest, identifying key details to automatically populate claims – eliminate error-prone manual entry.

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  • A centralised view of spend against customer, project, campaign and more, that instantly calculates the direct impact on your revenue.

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  • AI-powered travel search and booking that uses data already in Salesforce and allocates spend against business purpose.

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  • The most used, secure and scalable enterprise cloud platform. Effortless access or advanced security? Get both.

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Two solutions. One platform.

Enable your people to tackle routine tasks in a few clicks when you combine Salesforce CRM with SalesTrip expense management and travel management. Alone they are useful enablers and compliance tools but together, they have real commercial power.

Expense management

Whether you’re a traveller who incurs expenses frequently or sit in the finance team drowning in paperwork, automate the entire receipt and expense management process with SalesTrip.

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Travel management

Book travel with confidence and focus on why you’re there, not getting there. You don’t even have to hire a separate Travel Management Company (TMC) if you don’t want to. SalesTrip is an authorised travel agent.

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See it for yourself

See how companies are better managing travel expenses and controlling spend with a free trial. Submit an expense, book a (fake) flight and see how it impacts revenue – in minutes.

Download a 15-day trial today. No salespeople, no commitment, no credit card required.


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Leveraging Salesforce at my company

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