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Expense management on Salesforce

Focus on why you’re spending, not how.

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The only expense management solution on Salesforce

Manage and track expenses on Salesforce. Do you know if a business trip will deliver revenue for your business? Do you know if a trip is essential to win a deal or to retain a customer? With SalesTrip, employees manage expenses in Salesforce so that you know how spend contributes to growth, making it easier for your people to do business from places outside the home and office, and helping your organisation grow in return.

Key benefits

  • Free up time, don't consume it
  • Confidence in spend data
  • Meaningful business insights
  • Maximise your investment in Salesforce
  • Editing an expense

    Automate mundane expense management processes and spend more time on work that requires talent – and contributes to company growth.

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  • Submitted receipt and receipt scan

    Photograph a receipt and we do the rest, identifying key details to automatically populate claims – eliminate error-prone manual entry.

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    A centralised view of spend against customer, project, campaign and more, that instantly calculates the direct impact on your revenue.

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    The most used, secure and scalable enterprise cloud platform. Effortless access or advanced security? Get both.

    Built on Salesforce

Spend an inch to go the mile

As people start to travel for business again, employee spend will come under increased scrutiny and expenses will need to be better justified and aligned to business outcomes such as revenue or customer retention.

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See how companies are better managing expenses and controlling spend with a free trial. Submit an expense, manage your trips and see how it impacts revenue – in minutes.

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